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Back Complaints

Four out of five adults get to deal with back problems at an older age. And in most cases it is a permanent condition. Below you will see a small selection of the most common back complaints and the associated solutions.



Overloading your back?

Many back problems are the result of overuse. How much you can lift depends on your gender, your age and your physical condition. But it is clear that heavy physical work holds a risk. Underuse is also a risk. If you do not move frequently, your back will 'rust'. A solution to this problem is to provide the back with the necessary stability and support during heavy efforts. We, at Podobrace, have the best back supports, straighteners and correctors for your complaints out right now.


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Posture related back complaints?

Walking or sitting wrongfully eventually leads to back complaints. People with a sedentary job are at an increased risk of getting back complaints. An incorrect sitting position also results in uneven pressure on the spine, which can also lead to back problems. For all these reasons, we, at Podobrace, have selected the best back pillows and cushions out right now. These cushions and pillows will provide your back with support and stability while sitting, causing your complaints to disappear.


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TIP! We also have the best posture correcting braces that immediately improve your posture, preventing your shoulders and back from slouching. These posture correcting braces have been used with great success for years, and because of that, we can highly recommend them as well. 


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Increasing obesity is a health risk that gets more and more attention in the media. One of the most common consequences of obesity is an increased risk of back complaints, because every 10 kg above your normal weight gives 40 kg extra pressure on your intervertrebral discs. To counteract obesity you can think of many things, such as, exercising to strengthen the muscles in and around your back. In order to provide your back with the support and protection it needs, we, at Podobrace, have selected the best back braces out right now. All our back braces have been extensively tested by our patients and specialists and have been used with great success for years for all types of back complaints.


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Back complaints due to Trauma or an Accident?

A car accident, a clumsy dive in shallow waters or sudden and unexpected movements during heavy efforts. These are just a few examples of how someone can sustain a nasty back injury. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your back receives the best possible support, stability and protection during rehabilitation. We, at Podobrace, can offer you the best back braces out right now, for maximum support, stability and protection. All our braces have been used with great success for years during rehabilitation, and will drastically reduce the associated pain. And because customer satisfaction is our main priority, we have divided our braces in 3 different protection levels. Protection level 1 (colored Green) stands for basic protection and can be used for minor back complaints, protection level 2 (colored Orange) stands for advanced protection and can be used for moderate back complaints, protection level 3 (colored Red) stands for highest protection and can be used for severe back complaints. This way, you will always have the brace best suitable for your problems. 





Back complaints during or after pregnancy?

Back pain during or after pregnancy is a common problem. These back problems usually arise after prolonged sitting, standing or walking, but also when getting up in the morning or turning in your sleep. The pain often radiates from your lower back down to your buttocks, legs and pubic bone. This is often regarded to as ''regular'' back pain, but most times it is the result of pelvic instability. When your suffering from these complications, we can surely recommend a visit to the physiotherapist or doctor. They can determine whether the complaints come from your back or pelvis and give you a suitable solution. One of these solutions is to provide the back and the pelvis with the support and stability it needs during heavy efforts. And that's where we come in. Because we, at Podobrace, have the best back braces and pelvic supports out right now. The braces have been used with great success for years and will offer your back and pelvis the maximum support, stability and protection in order for your complaints to disappear.  


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Approaching back complaints.

For over 30 years, our practices have specialized in remedying, preventing or relieving back and pelvic complaints. How? By using the best, most efficient and most effective treatment methods and the best back braces out right now, selected with the highest care, from a wide range of offers. Over the years, all our products have been extensively tested by many professional athletes in our practices for Physio /Manual/Podopostural Therapy and Sports Podiatry, and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different medical perspectives) we can guarantee the optimal quality and effect of all our products.    

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