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What's protein

What’s Protein

Whey protein is also called protein powder. It is widely used in the sports world, but recreational athletes also regularly drink a protein shake. But what exactly is whey? In this blog, we explain it to you.   Whey is liquid left over from cheese... Read this blog »
What's the difference between compression socks and socks

What’s the difference between compression socks and socks?

If you're in need of additional support while running, or another form of sports, you can choose to wear compression socks or tubes. But what exactly is the purpose of these socks and tubes? And what's the difference between the two of them?   What... Read this blog »
Which kind of support is important during and after runnning

Which kind of support is important during and after running

Nowadays, running is extremely popular. You do not have to take out expensive subscriptions, and you often practice it outdoors. You don't have to spend crazy amounts of money on gear, and you can start right away. But what supplies can you use best... Read this blog »
How to use a strassburg sock

How to use a strassburg sock?

In this blog, we will tell you in steps how to use a strassburg sock. Follow the steps below, and you will know how to use it!   Step 1 First, you have to open the package. Then you have to unfold the Strassburg sock. Please note that you do this... Read this blog »
maintaining your massage table

Maintaining your Massage Table

Are you the owner of a brand-new massage table? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Then it's essential to know how to best maintain it. We're happy to give you tips & tricks in our blog.    Maintenance of the upholstery The maintenance of a mas... Read this blog »
Washing compression stockings

Washing Compression Stockings

You bought compression stockings and want to maintain them as well as possible. It makes sense, and it's advisable. Proper maintenance / washing of your stockings ensures that they will last longer. However, you can't treat these like normal socks.... Read this blog »
Maintaining your gaming chair

Maintaining your Gaming Chair

You bought a new gaming chair, or you're thinking of buying one. But how do you maintain it? We, at Podobrace, are happy to explain it to you and give you the best tips. Because the better you maintain your game chair, the longer it will last!   Th... Read this blog »
cheap gaming chair or expensive gaming chair

Cheap Gaming Chair or expensive Gaming Chair?

Sure, you want to avoid spending too much money on a gaming chair. We understand that very well. Game chairs come in a myriad of price categories, and it is very difficult to determine if the price/quality ratio is good. How can you see the differenc... Read this blog »
What you should know before buying a walking frame 3

What you should know before buying a Walking Frame

Walking more difficult lately? Or experiencing less strength in your legs and feet? Then it might be the right time to purchase a walking frame. But what's important to know before you purchase such a frame? We, Podobrace, will explain what you need... Read this blog »
Tips for safe use of a rollator

Tips for safe use of a Rollator

When you want to start using a rollator, it is essential that is properly adjusted. It's also crucial that you hold the rollator correctly. We are happy to inform you about the correct way to use a rollator and give you tips to allow you to go outsid... Read this blog »

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