Purchasing and maintaining an elbow support
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Everything you need to know about purchasing and maintaining an elbow support

There are many elbow braces available that will support your elbow. Below, we will give you all the required information for using and maintaining an elbow support.

For which type of injury is it best to wear an elbow support?

An elbow support is specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of many complaints and injuries. We have named a couple of them below:

Every elbow support from our assortment can be used for different complaints and injuries. You can always contact our customer service team when in doubt about which elbow brace is the best suitable for you. Our team of medical specialists is always ready to help to advise you.

What's the average duration of an elbow support?

The average duration of an elbow brace depends entirely on the way it is used, and which brace is used. When used averagely, and maintained properly, a brace can be worn for 1 to 1,5 years before it wears off. It is always recommendable to maintain your brace properly, as this will only increase the duration.

Which size do I need?

Which size you require depends entirely on which type of elbow support is the best suitable for you. You can find a size chart and measuring instructions at the bottom of every product page. We will instruct you how to measure your arm correctly, and which size matches with your circumference. Not the right size after all? No problem! You can request a return via our website at any time.

How do I put my elbow support on correctly?

Putting on your elbow brace can be a tricky thing. We have put down our instructions below.

How many braces does Podobrace have for sale?

Podobrace has almost every type of elbow brace/splint available for sale, for many complaints. Take a look around on our website to determine which brace is the best suitable for your situation. Not able to make a choice? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team consists of medical specialists that are more than willing to help you with professional advice. With their help, you'll always make the right choice!

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