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Knee and Foot Complaints

Painful knees, cramped feet, ankle complaints and toe disorders, these are just a small selection of the knee and foot complaints we encounter in our practices on a daily basis. 

We use our legs and feet our entire life, but are not conscious enough to handle them carefully and in the right way. We ''abuse'' our feet with wrong insoles and wrong footwear, often resulting in overuse of our joints, which automatically results in knee and foot complaints.



Knee Complaints:

Pain and swelling in the knee can be traced back to some form of trauma of overuse. One might think of a sudden twisting or straining of the capsular ligament. But knee pain can also be caused by problems with the meniscus, which can block the knee. 


Visiting a doctor or physiotherapist is required, but to optimally support, stabilize, protect and comfort the knee in between these visits, buying a knee support is always a good and safe decision, seeing the fact that this also promotes the healing process. By using a brace, the knee is maximally supported and can be stress-free again, making sports and working possible again.


The cause can also be found in the foot, if the knee is constantly overused, this might be caused by flatfoot. Wearing poor footwear will only reinforce the effects a flatfoot has on your knee, resulting in a lot of pain, an insole that is specially designed for flatfoot can help you.



Ankle and Foot Complaints:

Pain complaints to the feet and ankles are very common. Unsurprisingly, when you consider that the foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, surrounded by a web of muscle tissue and nerves. With every step we take, a force of 2 to 3 times our bodyweight comes down on our feet and ankles. 

With an average of 7500 steps a day, it is no surprise that many people experience complaints. In order to optimally support the ankle, Podobrace has a selection of the very best ankle braces out right now. 


The cause of many ankle and foot complaints can also be a wrongful position of the foot. If that's the case, we also have the very best (sports) insoles out right now (confirmed by our specialists). 


  • Podobrace Tip! Approaching knee complaints, foot complaints and heel spur:

For over 30 years, our podopostural practice has been specialized in the treatment, prevention and alleviation of knee and foot complaints. How? By using the best, most efficient and most effective (sports) insoles and support products on the market, carefully selected from a wide range of offers. 

All our insoles and braces have been extensively tested by many (professional) athletes in our practices specialised in physio / manual and podopostural therapy. And with over 30 years of experience and knowledge (from many different medical perspectives) we can confirm that all our products have the best possible effect and highest quality. 


Click HERE for the very best (sports) insoles. Click HERE for the very best knee braces.

Our podopostural therapists are specialized in solving various complaints, arising from a more complicated problem, for example, by using our individually customized insoles. In our podopostural practice in Volendam, and with our specialists coming from many different medical disciplines, performing measurements and screenings of the entire musculoskeletal system, we have been helping patients that suffer from knee and foot complaints for many years. Our individually customized insoles have a direct effect on muscle groups, causing your posture to positively change, and your complaints to disappear. 


Click HERE for additional information about our individually customized insoles. 



Heel Spur:


Are you suffering from Heel Spur? Then we, at Podobrace, can offer you the best solution for this disorder! All of our products we offer have been scientifically proven to be the best possible solution to counter heel spur.

Deze anti hielspoor producten worden dan ook in het bijzonder aangeraden door ons medische team en helemaal in combinatie met elkaar zal het resultaat snel te voelen zijn en zal de pijn van o.a. hielspoor snel en drastisch verminderen. 


Click HERE for the best heel spur solutions and help yourself get rid of this pain! 

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