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Neck Complaints and Neck Pain

Below you will find an overview of various neck complaints and cases of neck pain and the associated solutions to best prevent and remedy neck complaints. Whether it's headache arising from the neck, stiffness in the neck or persistent pain in the neck, Podobrace always has the best solution for persistent neck complaints!



Neck injury?



For medium to heavy neck complaints such as whiplash, hernias (Hernia Nucleus Pulposus), neck wear, Rheumatoid Arthritis related joint complaints, discopathy and Torticollis it is important that the neck gets optimal support and protection, in order for the neck muscles and the vertebrae to get the rest it needs. Therefore, we at Podobrace have extensively searched for the best neck supports. And after prolonged searching and extensive testing at various suppliers at home and abroad, the following neck supports were selected. Because of this, many leading specialists and doctors consider our assortment as the best in their category. So wait no longer and experience the difference yourself at!


View our assortment of neck supports HERE.




Neck problems due to an unusual sleeping position?

Neck problems due to postural problems arise dormant and gradually become worse. Causes can often be found in your job, where a wrongful sitting posture or lifting position quickly sneaks in. But also in daily life one can quickly adopt a wrong posture. In addition, a stressing sleeping position or a poor pillow are common causes of neck complaints. 

That is why we have the best orthopedic pillows in our assortment. Over the years, the pillows have been extensively tested by our clients in our practices. And with over 35 years of experience, we can guarantee the optimum quality and effect of all our pillows. 


View our assortment of orthopedic pillows HERE



Temporary neck complaints or neck pain?


nekpijn door nekklachten

Temporary neck complaints that recur periodically are often caused by overuse, mostly due to heavy efforts or exercising a particular hobby. Temporary and local overuse in the neck often causes irritation to the neck muscles or other surrounding tissue. A visit to a physiotherapist or masseur will certainly help you with these complaints. If you're looking for free professional advice concerning neck complaints and neck pain, we, at Podobrace are ready and more than willing to help you, because we still believe service comes first!








Other neck complaints?

In case of persistent neck complaints, it is recommended to consult your General Practitioner. But it is also good to know that we have our own podopostural therapists specialized in treating neck, back, hip, knee and foot complaints. In our podopostural practice located in Volendam, and with our background in various medical disciplines, we are able to help patients who suffer from various complaints (by means of measurements and a screening of the whole musculoskeletal system). In order to help our customers in the best way possible, we have selected only the best neck supports and neck relieve products, so you can get rid of your pain as quickly as possible!


For further questions about your neck complaints, information or professional consult, feel free to contact us! We will help you as soon as possible. Because at Podobrace, service always comes first!

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