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Posture Problems

Musculoskeletal system complaints arising from overuse or wrongful way of moving, is something our therapists and specialists deal with on a daily basis. 

Everyone moves, stands and sits in his own way, but is it also the ''correct'' way?

Common postural abnormalities that we encounter daily are: round back (kyphosis), hollow back (lordosis) and a crooked back (scoliosis). The existing curvatures in the back can deteriorate due to these postural deviations and therefore become more visible, with various complaints as a result. The posture correction supports shown below have been used for years and will correct your shoulders so you will slouche less. These back straighteners are therefore used with great success for many years to improve your posture and rank among the best posture correctors out right now!  


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Improve your posture with the best posture correctors out right now!


Complaints arising from postural problems are characterized by pain, loss of strength and stiffness. When your suffering from a painful back or shoulder, you move differently, causing your muscles to become unstable. Pain can also have a negative effect on a person's breathing, focus, sleep pattern and mood. In other words, complaints arising from a deviating attitude influence daily life.



  • Approaching postural problems from the feet:

For over 30 years, our podopostural practice has been specialized in posture improvement and correction, prevention and alleviation of neck, back, knee and other postural problems related complaints. How? 

By using the best, most efficient and most effective products and (sports) insoles on the market, carefully selected from a huge range of offers. All our products and insoles have been extensively tested by (professional) athletes in our practices, and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different medical angles) we can conform and optimize the quality and effect of all our products and (sports) insoles. 


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Our podopostural therapists are specialized in solving various complaints, arising from a more complicated problem. For example, by means of individually customized insoles. These (sports) insoles have a direct effect on muscle groups, causing your posture to positively change and your symptoms to disappear. 

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