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Bauerfeind Compression Socks and Stockings

Bauerfeind Compression Socks are compression socks which have been carefully made by their own specialists. Bauerfeind... Read more »

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Bauerfeind Compression Socks are compression socks which have been carefully made by their own specialists. Bauerfeind compression stockings are made in such a way that the compression is given exactly at the right places. Bauerfeind has been known for years to make runners, cyclists and other athletes as comfortable as possible and make sure they benefit as much as possible from wearing compression socks and stockings. 


Besides Compression Socks and Stockings, Bauerfeind also makes Compression Tubes

Compression Tubes are socks without the foot part. Bauerfeind makes varioous kinds of compression stockings among which the tubes, the Venotrain Travel Stockings, Sports Compression Stockings and Venotrain Support Stockings, especially for people who suffer from varicose veins. So if you're looking for the best compression stockings, you will do good to choose the Bauerfeind Compression Stockings.


Bauerfeind Support Stockings

Vascular diseases such as varicose veins can be prevented by exercise and a healthy lifestyle. High risk groups and people with the first symptoms of vascular weakness should become more active and wear support stockings on a regular basis. The sooner the better. Because vascular damage can not be undone. Therapeutic support stockings from Bauerfeind are available in various designs, colors and compression strengths. Support stockings contain elastic fibers that exert a certain spreading pressure on the legs. Unlike with support stockings, they are demonstrably medically effective. They help prevent or support tired and heavy legs, varicose veins and severe vein disorders.


Bauerfeind Performance Compression Sock

The Bauerfeind Performance Compression Sock has a pressure profile based on medical standards. This means that compression is constantly applied from the ankle to the calf. This stimulates blood circulation in the legs and reduces tired legs. This good support ensures that the muscles can perform well over a longer period of time. Bauerfeind Performance Compression Socks ensure faster recovery after long-term exercise. The positive effect on blood circulation and muscles protect the vein system when it's under tension. This promotes a faster recovery of the muscles that particularly endurance athletes benefit from. 


This was revealed by a medical examination conducted in 2011 during the Marathon of Paris. The participants had less muscle pain, a reduced feeling of swelling and muscles recovered faster the first 4 days after the marathon. The compression stockings and socks are made from fine and breathable microfibre. This offers comfortable conditions for the skin. The Bauerfeind compression stockings can therefore be used in both cold and warm conditions and wicks moisture away. In addition, the Performance Compression Socks are particularly light yet very durable in use. The sole and instep have comfortable padding. The stocking is also provided with a heel cushion. 

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