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Donjoy Braces and Supports

Want to buy a Donjoy brace or support? Than you are in the right place. Podobrace offers a lot of supports from Donjoy. For example: knee supports, elbow supports and back supports. Below you will find the whole assortment of Donjoy.

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DonJoy braces are internationally renowned. The DonJoy braces offer solutions for muscle, bone and tendon problems. DJO Global is committed to making it possible for everyone to enjoy the natural movement again.

From prevention to rehabilitation, Donjoy Global contributes to quality of life by providing high-quality products and services.

DJO Global stands for Donjoy braces and Donjoy is an international market leader in the field of high-quality, orthopedic aids including braces. It has an extensive range of leading braces for use in rehabilitation, pain relief and physiotherapy. Donjoy also designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of surgical reconstructive implants. In America, Donjoy is the largest company for non-operative orthopedic rehabilitation products.


Donjoy braces have begun in top sport! Experience the difference with a Donjoy brace!

DJO has its origins in top sport. The company was founded in 1978 in the California garage of Mark Nordquist, an American football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. Mark draped an old inner tube around his unstable knee to give it extra support. Together with two friends, he then started to explore the possibilities of neoprene. Initially the company was called DonJoy, after the women Donna and Joy. The first products were “knee sleeves” made from the neoprene of old wetsuits. This innovative idea caught the eye and the company soon embarked on a research and development program that would change braces production forever.


History of Donjoy

In 1987 DonJoy was sold to Smith & Nephew Inc. ProCare was subsequently purchased in 1995. As Smith & Nephew's "brace and aids department" developed 4 high-quality knee braces, including the Defiance on the Legend. These braces brought DonJoy to the attention. The Defiance became the primary brace for the company. The Defiance is a custom knee brace specially designed for active adults and teens with serious knee joint instability. This knee brace is fully adapted to the individual wishes of the patient. It is a less visible, light knee brace with a lifetime warranty. Top athletes started to use the brace because they were convinced that they would be able to practice their sport again. Meanwhile, the Legend had developed into the best ready-to-wear brace for active adults and adolescents. These 2 products formed the basis for the future success of the company and it is now a leading manufacturer of orthopedic products. DJO and the department of the


Donjoy brace continues to invest in research and development to fulfill its corporate mission: to improve the quality of life by designing advanced medical devices that will lead the way in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. Donjoy is recognized as a leading product developer and we are recognized by medical specialists as a valuable source of expertise and support. The company has long provided clinical research & development support, both internally and through partnerships with highly regarded clinical institutions and biomechanics agencies around the world. A "biomechanics" laboratory has been built at its California headquarters where the performance of all braces can be extensively tested. This laboratory was of great importance for the development of the patented 'four-points-of-leverage' brace technology.


Donjoy braces sold in more than 50 countries! Donjoy is one of the largest worldwide!

DJO products are sold in more than 50 countries, mainly in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan, through subsidiaries or independent distributors. DJO continues to look forward and expand its product range to offer a wide range of solutions for the medical sports sector under the motto: Never stop getting better.

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