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Ironman insoles

Looking for Ironman insoles? At Podobrace you will find a wide assortment of Ironman insoles. Take a look and choose which set of insoles is the best for you. Need some help? Please feel free to contact us.

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When it comes to compression stockings there are 3 pressure levels. For your convenience we gave them the following colors:  


Pressure level 1: Is colored green   -- Low pressure (Ccl. 1 - 18-21 mmHg)

Pressure level 2: Is colored orange -- Medium pressure (Ccl. 2 - 23-32 mmHg)

Pressure level 3: Is colored red   -- High pressure (Ccl. 3 - 36-46 mmHg)

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Ironman, a renowned name within the triathlon world

Ironman has been one of the best manufacturers of compression stockings and insoles worldwide for years. Ironman originally started from the running world. The name of this brand is the name of a series of competitions of the classic triathlon. The competitions within the Ironman circuit are always about the following classic distances for swimming, running and cycling. Since 2006, therefore, competitions have been organized on the Ironman course. Ironman products such as compression stockings and insoles such as the Ironman All Sport, Ironman Thin, Ironman Triple density gel are all used for this. This competition is about 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21.1 km running and the Ironman competitions are considered one of the toughest in the world.


The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) originated from the organization of Ironman.

This is a sports marketing company that is the license provider for all competitions in the world that carry the Ironman logo. The fastest time for the men is 7: 41.33 in the hands of a German, and he also ran with the compression stockings and insoles.


Ironman compression stockings and insoles worn on the toughest Ironman triathlon in the world!

All Ironman insoles and Ironman compression socks have an unprecedented high wearing comfort and will offer maximum protection. An Ironman product also has a very good price / quality ratio. So experience the difference with the Ironman insoles and compression stockings


An Ironman sole or compression sock will certainly reduce the complaints, the products are also comfortable with an extremely high wearing comfort. And at Podobrace we have all Ironman compression socks and insoles in stock, so order today, home tomorrow! So you buy Ironman product from Podobrace and already have these moths at home. These insoles are special insoles with excellent cushioning properties. Ironman insoles have been sold in America with great success for years.

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  • All Sport Insoles
  • Total Support Thin Insoles
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