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LP Support

Below you can see our range of LP Support products. We have all LP Support braces etc. that we offer in stock. Would you like advice about the LP support brand? Please feel free to contact us.

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For your convenience we use 3 protection levels, so you can quickly see which brace you need:


Level 1: Is colored green   -- Basic protection.

Level 2: Is colored orange -- Advanced protection.

Level 3: Is colored red  -- Highest protection level.

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Knee Support

Rheumatoid Arthritis Equipment

LP Support

Body Bandage

Wrist Bandage

Compression Shorts

Groin Guard / Cup

Back Support

Elbow Pads

Knee Pads

Upper Leg / Thigh Support

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An LP Support brace will certainly help you get rid of your complaints for a low price!

LP Support has been one of the best brace, sports protection and compression pants providers worldwide for years. The products of LP Support therefore have a high wearing comfort and will offer maximum protection. A brace from LP support also has a very good price / quality ratio. An LP Support brace is therefore recommended for many conditions and has been regarded as the best of their kind for years.


LP support knee brace, thumb brace, wrist brace, Ankle brace are among the best of their kind!

A knee brace from LP Support will certainly reduce the complaints to your knee, the braces are also comfortable and therefore always offer you the best of both worlds. An LP Support brace for the knee, a brace for the ankle, a brace for the wrist! It is not a problem at all, at Podobrace we have all braces in stock.


The LP support compression pants have been very popular among many top athletes for years!

The LP support compression pants have been worn for many years by top athletes in all tasks of sport and are very popular. The LP support compression pants are certainly among the best compression pants at the moment! So experience the difference now with the LP Support compression pants and get rid of minor pains!


LP Support elbow pads and sports protection the best of their kind!

The LP Support knee pads, the LP support knee pad and Kevlar elbow pads have been used for years for optimal cushioning and protection during falls and sports. The sports protection is equipped with Kevlar that optimally absorbs the blows and gives you the pleasure of exercising. So experience the difference with LP Support!

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