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Medidu Arm Sling

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Medidu Arm Sling

Product number: 9002
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Daily Use Relaxation

Indications for use

When one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Medidu Sling Arm Support:

  • Perfect when suffering from trauma injuries in your fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder
  • Perfect after fracture treatments in combination with a cast
  • Perfect when suffering from injuries in any part of the wrist, arm and shoulder
  • Perfect when being treated for chronic disorders
  • Perfect when suffering from post-operative immobilization



There are no known conditions which discourage the use of the Medidu Sling Arm Support.

Product features

  • Perfect for mild to heavy complaints in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.
  • Very user friendly. Wrapped and unwrapped within seconds.
  • Contains an adjustable strap, ensuring your hand, wrist or arm always rest at the desired height. 


Looking for a simple and comfortable sling? Then the Medidu Sling Arm Support is definitely the right choice for you! This sling is very user-friendly and perfectly usable for resting your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. 


    Special Features Medidu Arm Sling

    • The Medidu Sling Arm Support is made of cotton and polyester.
    • Breathable and skin-friendly.
    • Very user friendly.
    • The Medidu Sling Arm Support comes in 4 sizes and can be worn both left and right.


    The Medidu Sling Arm Support is perfectly usable for immobilization of the hand, wrist, arm or shoulder during the day. This sling is specially designed to give maximum support and rest to the affected joint, so it can fully recover. The Medidu Sling Arm Support can be carried both left and right, and has been used with great success for years! The Medidu Sling Arm Support contains an adjustable strap allowing you to set the correct resting height for your hand, wrist or arm. In addition, the sling is particularly breathable and made of skin-friendly material, ensuring you of a high wearing comfort. 

    Which size?

    The Medidu Sling Arm Support is suitable for both left and right and comes in the sizes S, M, L and XL. For the correct size you are to measure the length of your under-arm all the way down to the beginning of the fingers (so including the hand and excluding the fingers). 


    Size Length of the arm sling
    S 12,99 inch  (33 cm)
    M 14,96 inch  (38 cm)
    L 16,93 inch  (43 cm)
    XL 18,9 inch  (48 cm)


    Article numbers

    EAN Size
    8719925601187 Size S
    8719925601194 Size M
    8719925601200 Size L
    8719925601217 Size XL
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