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Gaming Chairs

Although, in a certain sense it is called an activity, gaming is usually a form of relaxation. By playing the game on your XBOX, PlayStation or other gaming console, you can get rid of all the stress of everyday life by throwing yourself into a completely different world. Because it is a relaxing activity, you naturally also want to experience the necessary comfort, this is why a gaming chair is an indispensable tool. However, a good gaming chair is often very difficult to find. Not every gaming chair offers the right amount of support and relief. And that is why we have made it easier for you. Because we have tested all the gaming chairs in our assortment, and all our gaming chairs have the best price/quality ratio.

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How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

A gaming chair can hold between 120 and 150 kilograms on average. For example, the Ergolution gaming chair can hold up to 120 kilograms and a Songmics gaming chair can hold up 150 kilograms. 


How to clean a gaming chair?

You can easily clean a gaming chair by using a damp cloth. It is important that you do not use any detergent, as this can cause stains in the fabric.


All gaming chairs have been extensively tested! The best price/quality ratio!

Buying a good gaming chair has the purpose of promoting the pleasure of playing on your game console. After all, you only use a gaming chair when you're playing on your XBOX, PlayStation or the likes of it. But how can a chair positively influence the experience of playing a video game? Won't a simple chair be sufficient enough? No, on the contrary, a good ergonomic position is crucial when playing video games. This has to do with something we mentioned earlier on. The fact that you want to break free from the real world while you're gaming and that you want to flee into your own imagination for a couple of hours. 


Problems and solutions of a Gaming Chair

When it comes to using a regular chair while gaming, you will never get the support you're looking for. You will start to get annoyed by things, which will eventually distract you from the game and the carelessness that comes with it. Things that can irritate you are, for example, that you have sunk too deep in your chair or that you get a sore back from a wrongful sedentary position. These problems are eliminated when you choose one of the game chairs from our assortment. These are all provided with soft, precisely-fitting cushions that ensure you of a comfortable seat. 


As far as the advantage is concerned, all gaming chairs have the same characteristics, since they are made particularly for gamers. Certainly if you are quite a fanatic gamer and spend a lot of time gaming in a chair every day. However, there are mutual differences between them, so not every chair is the same. There are swivel chairs with the necessary extras when it comes to comfort, such as a headrest pillow and an additional lumbar cushion. Other gaming chairs are more specifically focused on one specific game type.

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