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Height Adjustable Desk

Maintaining a correct sitting position while working is the key to a good ergonomic working environment. In addition to the ergonomic chairs, the ergonomic desk is also of great importance. RSI related complaints and complaints in the back and neck area as well as loss of concentration have been solved and prevented for years. Therefore, Podobrace has tested many ergonomic desks and eventually selected the one which came out as best in our test.  In addition, it is also very important to stay mobile during your work. By staying mobile, you prevent your muscles from adapting the wrong and possibly tense position. The Height Adjustable Desk that we sell helps you to vary from a sedentary position to a standing position. 

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Ergonomic in Height Adjustable Desk tested extensively.

We can imagine that you're wondering whether or not your current regular desk isn't ergonomic enough as it is already. It is very simple, if your back starts to ache when you're sitting too long, your desk is not ergonomic. That is precisely why we, at Podobrace, have decided to only sell the desk that has been approved by and manufactured according to the Health and Safety at Work Act. Below you will find the desk with the best setting options, ensuring you of the certainty that you can adjust the desk completely to your own body in order to work ergonomically perfectly. 

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