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Ergolution - Office Chair Mat

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Ergolution - Office Chair Mat

Product number: A15-1
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Product features

  • Perfect for protecting your floor against damaging
  • Also suitable as anti-slip mat
  • Can be used on both hard and soft floors

Special Features Ergolution - Office Chair Mat


The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is perfect for protecting office space floors and home floors. Floors are a long-term investment, if treated properly. Swivel castors from an office chair can cause scratches, and damage the top-layer of the floor. To prevent damaging, the Ergolution - Office Chair Mat can be used. The remains scratch free by using this floor protector. The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is made of 1,5 mm thick PVC, giving it a very long duration, ensuring you'll be able to use the floor protector for a longer period of time. 


Transparent and sturdy

The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is transparent, so your floor won't lose its appearance. The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is made of sturdy PVC, and covered with an anti-slip layer. This will ensure that your chair won't slip away from your desk when sitting on it. The dimensions of the floor protector are: 91,4 x 122 cm.


Work quietly and clean

In order to be able to carry out your daily tasks, distractions aren't welcome. The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat will silence the noise of your castors, allowing you to fully focus on your tasks ahead. In addition, the Ergolution - Office Chair Mat also protects the floor against rubbish and stains, which benefits the hygiene of your working environment. The floor protector can be cleaned easily with a cloth. 


Looking for a suitable tool to protect your floor from being damaged by your office chair? If so, then the Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is your best choice. 

This invisible floor protector can be used as both an office chair mat, and a anti-slip mat. The floor protector can be used on both hard and soft floors.

Which size?

The Ergolution - Office Chair Mat is available in one size. Other specifications can be found below.


Material PVC
Colour Transparent
Dimensions 91,4 x 122 cm
Height 1,5 mm
Contents 1 office chair mat

Article numbers

EAN Color
8720618171757 Transparent
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