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Foam Roller

Looking for a foam roller? In our assortment you'll find a foam roller which allows you to massage yourself. Prefer additional information? Feel free to read on, we're happy to explain it to you.

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What's a Foam Roller?

A foam roller is a tube shaped roll made out of foam. What makes the roll unique is that the outside has a bumpy structure.


Where does the name Foam Roller come from?

The name for this product is actually very logical. Foam rolling is a self-release technique. This technique allows you to relax the muscles by yourself.


When am I supposed to use the Foam Roller?

Because this roller will help loosen your muscles, it is mostly used in the fitness world. If your muscles are stiff or painful before or after training, you can use the foam roller to help relax the muscles, causing pain and other complaints to disappear. This is why it is often called the fitness roller. Other situations in which the foam roller is being used are:

  • To help increase the blood flow in your muscles
  • To improve the disposal of metabolic waste in the body
  • To decrease muscle stiffness
  • To prevent painful muscles


How do I use the Foam Roller?

In order to loosen the muscles, you roll the foam roller over the painful spots in your body. Commonly known as triggerpoints.


Additional information?

Prefer additional information about foam rollers? Feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you.

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