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Looking for Pediatric Insoles?

The best pediatric insoles can be found at Podobrace! The position of the pelvis, hips and the upper body begins with the feet,... Read more »

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The best pediatric insoles can be found at Podobrace! The position of the pelvis, hips and the upper body begins with the feet, especially when growing up children will benefit tremendously from using and/or wearing the right insoles or shoes. 

Pediatric insoles have been used for years for all kinds of foot complaints. Our offer of pediatric insoles are guaranteed to give you good results. 


Our Pediatric Insoles have been handpicked by podologists! Used with great succes by thousands of children!


We, at Podobrace, only sell the best pediatric insoles for childrens shoes. So if your little one, as a result of a deviating shape, is experiencing complaints, there's a very real chance that you will eventually have to pay a visit to a podologist to get custom made insoles. 

Our podotherapists have done all that work for you, by selecting the very best insoles for childrens shoes out right now!

All pediatric insoles shown below have been used by thousands of children who suffer from these complaints. We can confirm and guarantee the effect of our insoles.


Our Medical Team guarantees the effect of our Pediatric Insoles! 


Results from recent investigations show that pediatric insoles have a direct effect on the position of the feet. Overuse is one of the many complaints in which pediatric insoles are advised. Overuse can have multiple reasons, wearing the right insoles and shoes can help prevent this swiftly. Our pediatric insoles instantly correct the position of the feet, and give the necessary absorption, causing pain to decrease.


Can Pediatric Insoles help to prevent injuries?


Pediatric insoles will instantly give the ankle and foot more support and stability, causing further problems to be prevented. A pediatric insole is often prescribed to give the foot and ankle extra support. Pediatric insoles have been used with great success for years by many children who suffer from various complaints. Feel the need for some extra advice about which insole will suit your kid best? Feel free to contact us, our team is always ready and willing to help you!

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