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Insoles for Collapsed Foot

Collapsed Feet are easy to recognize. Your feet sag on the inside. This is also called over pronation where the foot arch presses the foot inwards. All the insoles below will support you by collapsed feet.

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Collapsed feet are usually linked with weak ankles

Due to old age and weak ankles, collapsed feet can occur over time. People with collapsed foot arches often suffer from tired and burning feet.


Take pain complaints serious

Not every pain complaint has to do with a collapsed foot. But you should take your complaints seriously. Collapsed feet can be easily cured by using the right insole.  Feet complaints which are not treated and caused by collapsed foot arches, often result in long-lasting pain. Resulting in frequent visits to the podologist.


Insoles for collapsed feet

With a collapsed, the foot arch is weak. Insoles which support the feet under the arch and lift it are perfect for this condition. Below you will find the best insoles for a collapsed foot.

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