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Product number: oxi00
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Indications for use

The oximeter is a perfect tool to use when suffering from: 


  • Circulatory problems
  • Anaemia
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Respiratory diseases (e.g. COPD)
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Improvement of sports performance

Product features

  • Measure the oxygen content in the blood within a few seconds via the finger
  • Also measures heart rate
  • Fast and reliable measurement
  • Large and bright color display


The Oximeter is a high-quality product and ensures a reliable measurement of the oxygen content in the blood. The measurement is performed by placing the device on the finger like a clip and takes a few seconds.

Special Features Oximeter

The oximeter is a high-quality product and provides a reliable measurement of blood oxygen levels. The measurement is performed by placing the device on the finger like a clip and takes a few seconds. The pulse oximeter also measures the heart rate.


What can be measured with the oximeter?

You can measure saturation with a pulse oximeter. Saturation is the amount of oxygen in your blood. To measure saturation, place the device on your finger. The LED lights that are shaken in the meter measure how much light passes through your finger. In this way, the pulse oximeter calculates the oxygen content in your blood. Normal saturation is between 93% and 99%. Have you measured a percentage lower than 93%? Then we advise you to call your doctor. A saturation that is too low can be dangerous for your health.


Why an oximeter?

You can therefore measure the oxygen content with an oximeter. It is also useful for people who have problems with their breathing. Think of a lung disease. With the oximeter you can quickly discover certain defects and take immediate action by contacting your doctor.


When applied to the finger, the oximeter displays the blood saturation, heart rate and perfusion index within seconds. The oxygen content is expressed as a percentage. The correct value in healthy people is between 93% and 99%.


The heart rate is displayed in bpm (beats per minute). A normal heart rate in adults is between 60 and 90 beats per minute.


The Perfusion Index is used to assess peripheral blood flow. The value is also displayed as a percentage.


To get a reliable reading, it is important to use the oxygen meter on clean hands with a normal temperature (no ice-cold hands). Do not wear nail polish and always measure the same finger. Keep your finger still when measuring the saturation.

Description Oximeter



Saturation measurement range: 35% - 100%
Measurement accuracy up to 2%
Heart rate measurement range: 30 - 250 pbm
Power supply: 2 AAA battery (not included)
OLED color display
Battery level indicator
Automatic shutdown after 8 seconds of inactivity

Article numbers

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