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Mouth Mask

Looking for a Mouth Mask? If so, then Podobrace is your best choice. Here, you’ll find many different mouth masks to protect yourself. Have any questions about the use of a mouth masks? Feel free to contact our customer service agents via mail, chat or by phone on the following number: 003185-2010818.

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What’s a Mouth Mask?

A mouth mask is a cap or piece of fabric which covers the mouth and nose. It serves as protection of the respiratory system and is most commonly used by doctors and dentists during (surgical) procedures. You can attach the mouth mask to your face by strapping the two elastic straps behind your ears.


When to use a Mouth Mask?

A mouth mask is used to trap mucous particles when you sneeze or cough, thereby preventing the spread of viruses. The mouth masks are perfect for protection against substances, bacteria and particulate matter and is perfect for doctors, dentists or other hospital employees.


Can you wash a Mouth Mask?

The Red Cross advises people that work in health care institutions to replace their mask when it gets damp. In hospitals and dental practices, mouth masks are thrown away immediately when used once.

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