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Medical Equipment  > 3 Layer Mouth Mask - 500 Pieces

3 Layer Mouth Mask - 500 Pieces

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£ 99.95
This product is currently not in stock.
This product is currently not in stock. This product is currently not in stock.
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3 Layer Mouth Mask - 500 Pieces

Product number: M500
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Product features

  • Set of 500 mouth masks. 
  • Instant shipping on all orders placed before 10:59 PM. 
  • Can be used by (physio)therapists, barbers, beauticians and so on. 
  • Specifically designed for use during work and travelling in public transport. 

Special Features 3 Layer Mouth Mask - 500 Pieces

  • Provided with 3 different types of absorption layers that will ensure that particles in the air do not end up in your lungs. Conversely, the mask also prevents the spread of moisture particles. 
  1. Layer 1: Absorbs moisture from the breath.
  2. Layer 2: Filters bacteria while breathing in and out.
  3. Layer 3: Reduces exposure to hazardous substances.
  • Suitable for daily use. Mainly due to the very light weight and high wearing comfort. 
  • Made of non-woven fabric for optimal protection.
  • Includes a loop which makes it easy to put on. 
  • Aluminum, foldable nose bridge for optimal fit.

NOTE! The mouth masks may not be returned once opened!  


Want to buy larger numbers? 

Interested in buying over 5000 mouth masks? Then please contact us for a special price.


Why wear a mouth mask?

A mouth mask will protect yourself and others against the spread of bacteria. This will prevent you and your family members and friends from getting infected. 


Are mouth masks safe?

Our mouth masks are safe to use. Most of our mouth masks are used by (physio)therapists, barbers, beauticians and so on. 


How do I use a mouth mask?

When you're going to wear a face mask, it is of utter importance that you have good hygiene. Always wash your hands carefully before putting on the mask. You can easily place the mouth mask behind your ears using the cords attached to the mouth mask. For men with beards, it is good to know that a mouth mask offers better protection for a shaved face or stubbles. 

How long can I wear a mouth mask?

Mouth masks can be used during the day. Do note that, once you take them off, you can not put them on again and you will have to replace the mouth mask. 

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