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Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint

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Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint

Product number: NV.780
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Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Heel Spur Sock / Night Splint:


  • Perfect for tackling heel spur and tendon inflammations (plantar fasciitis)
  • Perfect for tackling achilles tendinitis and/or other achilles tendon problems
  • Perfect for chronic heel pain
  • Overuse



Heel spur socks should not be used by patients suffering from circulatory problems in the leg (varicose veins, thrombosis, embolism). Edema (lymphedema or venous), open wounds, diabetes mellitus, hammer toes, skin rash, dermatitis, recent foot trauma to the foot, or during pregnancy.

Product features

  • Number #1 Heel spur sock at the moment + guaranteed lowest price with 50% discount!
  • Improved design of the Strassburg sock, relieving you of your complaints even faster!
  • Used with great success by thousands of people! 
  • 97,8% of the users are rid of their heel spur and tendon inflammations within a couple of days!

De Strassburg sock / hielspoor sok wordt door z'n speciale eigenschappen dan ook door veel vooraanstaande specialisten gezien als dè oplossing voor hielspoor en peesplaatonstekingen. Waarbij uit Amerikaans onderzoek blijkt dat bij 97,8% van de gebruikers de klachten en hielpijn na een paar dagen verdween. De strassburg sock wordt dan al jaren ook door miljoenen mensen gebruikt die kampen met hiel, achillespees en hielspoor problematiek. 

Special Features Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint

The new Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint is the improved version of the original Strassburg Sock. Its design and fit are better than before, providing faster relief than ever before. As such, the Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint is the number one solution for heel spur, plantar fasciitis, (chronic) heel pain and achilles tendinitis. The heel spur sock forces the foot to assume an angled position at night, thereby exerting light pressure on the plantar fascia, which prevents shortening of the plantar fascia. This will drastically reduce the symptoms and pain of the heel, achilles tendon and heel spur. The material of the sock is 93% polyamide / nylon and 7% elastine.


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Which size?

Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint are available in the sizes M and L and fit both left and right. 

And for the right size you are to measure the largest circumference of the calf (see sizechart and illustration).


Size Widest circumference of the calf
S / M < Under 14.96 inch (38 cm)
L / XL > Over 14.96 inch (38 cm)



How to wear the Heel Spur Sock - Night Splint?

For the best results, you should wear the Heel Spur Sock all night. However, there are people who struggle to keep this up. We therefore recommend to just try and wear the sock for as long as possible and to take the sock off when you can no longer keep it up. You will still see positive results this way. The sock should be worn consistently for a few days for optimal results.

Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8719925600838 Size S / M Black
8719925600845 Size L / XL Black
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08 mei 2021
Pleasantly surprised about how fast my complaints disappeared, excellent product.

14 april 2021
It really works! Very happy to finally be rid of those nasty pains.

02 april 2021
I was very sceptical about this sock, especially because I have been suffering from Heel Spur for the past 2 years, but it really does work! It took some getting used to in the beginning, but my pain very quickly disappeared. So I can definitely recommend this sock!

19 februari 2021
Definitely works! Excellent! Was rid of my complaints very fast.
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