Gum Shield

Why would I wear a Gum Shield?

A gum shield is an important part of your martial arts equipment. Primarly, it serves as a teeth protector. In addition, it ensures that your jaws are held together. If your jaw is open during (kick)boxing, nasty injuries can occur, like a broken jaw. A gum shield also ensures that a big part of the impact of a punch is absorbed.

What kind of Gum Shield do I need?

There are various types of gum shields. For people with normal teeth, the silicone or gel gum shields are recommended. A gel gum shield offers more protection than a silicone gum shield. They are generally worn only around the upper teeth. If your lower teeth are going over your upper teeth, you could choose to wear a double gum shield like the Adidas Gum Shield.

How do I mold my Gum Shield?

In order to ensure the perfect fit, you can mold the gum shield to the shape of your teeth. Just follow the steps below.

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