Kickboxing Gloves

Which (Kick)Boxing glove do I need?

The choice of your glove depends on your level, weight and way of training. If your trainings mainly consist out of punching the bag we can advise you the Response gloves. Note! These gloves are not suitable for sparring as the padding is not made for this. If your trainings consist out of sparring with an opponent, we can recommend you the Rookie gloves. These gloves are more durable and offer better protection, for both you and your partner. This is mainly because of the padding in the gloves. Are you an advanced boxer? If so, then the Speed gloves are most suitable for you. We always advise to wear bandages and inner gloves during training or competitions, for extra protection of the knuckles and a longer durability of the gloves.

What's the difference between a kickboxing glove or a regular boxing glove?

Nowadays, little to no distinction is made between kickboxing and boxing gloves. Some professional boxers like it when their gloves have extra padding to protect their hands. In general, the gloves can be used perfectly for both purposes.

Which size do I need?

In order to get the correct size of boxing gloves, it is important to determine how much OZ you need. OZ is the general size guide used for boxing gloves. In the chart below, you will find your OZ value. We also advise you to consult with your trainer. For other additional questions, you can always contact our customer services via chat, mail or phone by the following number +31854898445.

WeightCircumferenceOZRecommended Size
40-50 kg14-16.5 cm08ozXS
50-59 kg16.5-19 cm10ozS
59-74 kg19-21.5 cm12ozM
74-86 kg21.5-24 cm14ozL
86-92 kg24-26.5 cm16ozXL
>92 kg>26.5 cm18ozXXL