Shin Pads

How do I wear the Shin Pads?

Shin pads are, as the name says, to be worn around the shin. You apply them by putting them on like a sock and securing them around your shin with the elastic Velcro straps.

Shin Pads for kickboxing

During kickboxing, you are allowed to use your legs. Therefore, it is very important that you protect your legs very well, because you get kicked and have to kick yourself a lot. In many levels you are obligated to wear shin pads, like the Adidas Shin Pads - Economy. These shin pads have durable, well protective paddings. The two sturdy Velcro straps ensure that the shin pads will remain in place and they are CE approved. Meaning that you can wear them during a kickboxing match.

Buying Shin Pads

Manage to find a shin pad to your liking? Then you can order it easy and quick in our webshop. You will find a sizechart on every product page. This will allow you to determine exactly which size you need. Prefer additional advice? Then feel free to contact us via +31854898445. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you.