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Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace

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Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace

Product number: 100240
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Protection Level 3
Highest Protection

  • For moderately heavy to the heaviest complaints
  • Maximum support and protection

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Bauerfeind Cerviloc Neck Brace:



  • Pain in the cervical vertebrae (cervical pain syndrome)
  • Whiplash

Product features

The Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace prevents you from making painful movements. The neck brace supports the head, relieving the neck. The warming effect helps with the relaxation of the neck muscles. 

Special Features Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace

The Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace is suitable for acute and chronic neck complaints. The Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace can be worn when suffering from a whiplash, joint-wear and instability in the neck. The collar gives the needed support during your daily activities and/or work. 

The collar fits comfortably and is easy to put on and close because of the Velcro fasteners. This collar can be handwashed easily in lukewarm water. 


The Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace:

  • Stabilizes and relieves tension 
  • Anatomically shaped, perfect fit
  • Breathable, lightweight material

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A neck brace with a targeted effect on the neck

One in every two people has had to deal with neck pain in their life. Neck pains mostly go paired with a stiff neck and painful shoulders and/or arms. Sometimes the pain radiates to the head. In most cases, the muscles are stiffened and the mobility of the head is restricted. These pain complaints that arise from the cervical vertebrae are mostly described as cervical pain syndrome. Lasting neck complaints and stiffness in the neck can lead to unwanted movement stress.

Comfortable and adjustable neck collar

The Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace its anatomical shape ensures a high wearing comfort. In addition, these neck collars consist out of soft, lightweight and breathable material. 

Which size?

MaatThe Bauerfeind CerviLoc Neck Brace is available in sizes 1 - 6 and has an optimal fit.

And for the right size, you are to measure the height of the neck as well as the circumference of the neck (see illustration).


Size Height in inches (and cm) Circumference in inches (and cm)
1 2.56 inch (6.5 cm) 12.6 - 14.96 inch (32 - 38 cm)
2 3.35 inch (8,5 cm) 13.39 - 15.75 inch (34 - 40 cm)
3 3.94 inch (10 cm) 13.39 - 15.75 inch (34 - 40 cm)
4 2.56 inch (6.5 cm) 14.17 - 17.32 inch (36 - 44 cm)
5 3.35 inch (8,5 cm) 14.17 - 17.32 inch (36 - 44 cm)
6 3.94 inch (10 cm) 14.96 - 18.9 inch (38 - 48 cm)


Article numbers

EAN Size Color
4046445758737 1 Skin
4046445758744 2 Skin
4046445758751 3 Skin
4046445758768 4 Skin
4046445758775 5 Skin
4046445758782 6 Skin
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