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CureTape Kinesiology Tape

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CureTape Kinesiology Tape

Product number: 8717624160103
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Indications for use

CureTape Kinesiology Tape has the following effects:

  • Improvement of the muscle functions through tone regulation
  • Removes blockades in the blood circulation and lymph drainage
  • Reduces complaints
  • Supports the joint functions, which increases stability

Product features

  • Available in 9 colors!


CureTape Kinesiology Tape is a anti-allergic, ventilating and skin-friendly tape. This makes the CureTape Kinesiology Tape very suitable for long-term wearing. This enables a 24-hour treatment, making it possible to recover more quickly after, for example, tissue trauma. 

Special Features CureTape Kinesiology Tape

The CureTape Kinesiology Tape has a wide field of application. It's perfect for after-treatment of injuries, reduction of inflammations and excess fluid (edema), posture corrections, overuse related complaints, such as, RSI, tennisarm or golf elbow. But also neuro-reflective influence is a possibility, as is prophylactic taping. In addition, CureTape Kinesiology Tape can provide a solution for hay fever. 


  • Stretchability: 150%
  • Dimensions: 5 cm wide x 500 cm per roll
  • Material CureTape Kinesiology Tape: elastic cotton provided with a ventilating, hypo-allergenic acrylic adhesive layer
  • Improvement of muscle functions and activation of blood and lymph circulation
  • A safe, latex-free kinesiology tape with the TUV quality mark

Which size?

Apply CureTape Kinesiology Tape on a dry and degreased skin. The adhesive of the tape is activated through body temperature. You are to apply the CureTape Kinesiology Tape 30 minutes before starting your activities and is water-resistant. When removing the kinesiology tape, no remains will be left on the skin. Can be used 3-4 days without causing skin irritation. The CureTape Kinesiology Tape does not limit freedom of movement.  

Article numbers

EAN Color
8717624160134 Blue
8717624160103 Skin
8717624161087 Yellow
8717624161216 Green
8717624160196 Orange
8717624161254 Red
8717624160165 Pink
8717624161117 White
8717624160226 Black
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