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Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt

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Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt

Product number: GLB01
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The Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt is being used by many famous bodybuilders and weightlifters, among who, champion Wesley Vissers. The Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt has been specifically designed to give optimal support during sportive activities like powerlifting and offers optimal support to the mid and lower back which will give you more confidence and strength to lift the heavier weights. The Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt provides extra reinforcement which can help with the prevention of injuries. 


The Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt works two ways. Due to the stiffness, the leather Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt offers support to the lower back and prevents your spine from bending. In addition, the belt helps to create so-called intra-abdominal pressure. This pressure can be created by breathing in, holding your breath and contracting the abs. This pressure ensures that the spine is stabilized and that you can execute the exercise with heavier weights, thereby also reducing the risk of injury. 


The belt is made of durable leather with double stitching and the metal buckle ensures that the Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt can be set in multiple positions. The inside is made of suede, which makes it extremely sturdy on the outside and exceptionally soft and comfortable on the inside, so your back and abdominal muscles will not scave. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt is worn by many famous weightlifters and bodybuilders, including world-famous bodybuilding champion Wesley Vissers, during their training and competitions. 


Features of the Gladiator Sports Weightlifting Belt:

  • For maximum user comfort, the inside has been coated with suede

  • Stabilizes the core and helps you lift the heavier weights
  • The belt is made of durable leather with double stitching, which gives it a long durability
  • The metal buckle ensures that the belt can be applied easily
  • Reduces the risk of injuries

Which size?

In order to get the right size of your belt, it is very important to measure the circumference of your waist. Then, you can determine the correct size by looking at the size chart below.



S 22.83 - 31.89 inch  (58 - 81 cm)
M 27.95 - 37.01 inch  (71 - 94 cm)
L 32.68 - 41.73 inch  (83 - 106 cm) 

Article numbers

EAN Size
8719925602573 S
8719925602580 M
8719925602597 L
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