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Dunimed Knee Support with Busks

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Dunimed Knee Support with Busks

Product number: B101
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  • Which size?
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Protection Level 2
Advanced Protection

  • For minor to moderately heavy complaints
  • Better protection than a simple support bandage

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Dunimed Knee Support with Busks:

  • Perfect for all sorts of knee problems.
  • Perfect for problems with the knee joint capsule
  • Perfect for rheumatoid arthritis / osteoarthritis
  • Perfect for cartilage problems
  • Perfect for overuse injuries
  • Perfect for instability
  • Perfect for prevention
  • Perfect for after minor surgery
  • Perfect for sprains, bruises and twisting
  • Perfect for tendinitis of the patellar tendon (jumper's knee/runner's knee)
  • Perfect for mild to severe knee ligament problems
  • Perfect for symptoms of chondromalacia patellae (also known as runner's knee, which is a condition caused by damage to the cartilage behind the kneecap). Most people suffering from this condition report painful knees, especially when walking, squatting or kneeling.



There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Dunimed Knee Support with Busks.

Product features

  • Perfect for minor to fairly serious knee complaints and for daily use, work and sports.
  • Very comfortable and perfect for all sorts of knee problems.
  • Available in size XXXL

Looking to relieve your knee and get more support for daily activities or sports or work? If so, then the Super Ortho Knee Support with Splints is the right choice for you! The brace is specifically designed for all minor to fairly serious knee problems. The Super Ortho Knee Support with Splints also has a very high wearing comfort and optimal fit. 

Special Features Dunimed Knee Support with Busks

The Dunimed Knee Support with Busks is specifically designed by orthopaedists for everyday use, work or sports when suffering from all types of moderate knee ligament problems. This is because this knee support consists of two medial and two lateral splints with adjustable fastener and horseshoe buttress for optimum stabilization of the kneecap. These unique qualities ensure that the knee gets the support, stability and protection it needs during physical exercise.


Furthermore, the Dunimed Knee Support with Busks is equipped with a neoprene strap and nylon lining on both sides, which ensures that the knee brace is always positioned properly, thereby also guaranteeing an optimal fit. In addition, neoprene offers therapeutic heat to the injury to promote the healing process and reduce pain if need be. The combination of these unique qualities is the reason why the Dunimed Knee Support with Busks is a very popular choice among people who need more support and stability when suffering from all kinds of knee problems.


If you're looking for a brace with the same features, but that provides somewhat more support, we recommend the Dunimed Knee Support with Busks. This knee brace offers maximum support (without hinges). Both knee braces rank among the very best of their kind.

Product video

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Which size?

Note! For the best results, it is important to measure your dimensions properly. 


For the right size, you are to measure the circumference of a slightly bent knee while standing (see illustration and size chart).


Measure the circumference exactly at the centre of the knee, careful not to measure too tightly. If you have a somewhat larger upper leg or calf, please order the bigger size.


Size Circumference
S 12.99 - 13.98 inch (33 - 35,5 cm)
M 13.98 - 14.96 inch (35,5 - 38 cm)
L 14.96 - 15.94 inch (38 - 40,5 cm)
XL 15.94 - 16.93 inch (40,5 - 43 cm)
XXL 16.93 - 18.5 inch (43 - 47 cm)
XXXL 18.5 - 19.69 inch (47 - 50 cm)


Article numbers

EAN Size
8720195933250 S
8720195933267 M
8720195933274 L
8720195933281 XL
8720195933359 XXL
8720195933366 XXXL
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