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Sports Injuries


Better safe than sorry


During exercise, muscles, ligaments and joints are additionally stressed or suddenly overused by a blow or fall. Your body can handle the extra load, provided it stays within certain limits. These limits depend on age, gender and physical condition.


Fortunately, an athlete can use preventive tools as protection against the explosive strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. Special sports braces provide this extra support, without weakening the muscles and ligaments and also help the body to respond more alertly to sports related stress. Our sports braces will also optimally protect the specific body part during efforts and during rehabilitation, for example after surgery or trauma. Therefore, we, at Podobrace, only use the best, most efficient and most effective sports braces out right now, selected with the most optimal care from a wide range of offers. 



Sports braces used for football injuries.


Use a football brace during football. A few examples of football braces mentioned below:

  • A Football Ankle Support is an ankle brace specifically made for use during football. 
  • A Football Knee Support is a knee brace specifically made to protect the knee during football.


All our sports braces have been extensively tested in our practices and by professional athletes, and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different medical perspectives) we can confirm the maximum quality and effect of all our (sports) braces. So experience the difference yourself and browse our webshop, and should you have any questions or comments or if you're in need of free professional advice regarding your choice in braces. Feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you! 

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