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Podobrace, your expert in, among other things, support / braces, insoles, compression stockings and medical devices.

Podobrace has long been the leading name in medical devices and has been awarded for its service, quality, fast delivery, but above all, unprecedented customer service! Podobrace is a collection of therapists who still believe in helping people. Do not hesitate to ask our therapists for advice, or find the right product yourself via our complaint index. With over 35 years of experience, only the very best products, customized advice and the fastest delivery, Podobrace is known as the leading specialist in braces / support, insoles and other medical aids. All products are extensively tested and selected by our medical team and always have the best price / quality ratio! So experience the difference yourself and take care of your complaints quickly, because at Podobrace, we always have ''the right support''.

Get rid of pain in your wrist, neck, shoulder, back, elbow, hand, knee, ankle or foot.

Looking for the very best support, insoles, compression socks or other medical equipment? Hand-picked and carefully selected by experienced therapists, and a guaranteed low price?

And do you prefer easy and safe ordering with a guaranteed swift delivery of your products? With a 14-day return policy, a money-back guarantee and the possibility to pay afterwards?

If so, then Podobrace is the best choice for you! For over 35 years, we have offered our clients maximum quality and service!

Podobrace has been the market leader for years when it comes to medical equipment such as, heel spur, hallux valgus, back supports, wrist supports, knee supports, neck supports and much more!

With 2 physiotherapy practices and over 35 years of experience. Our specialists and therapists have been helping our clients for decades to prevent, cure and remedy various types of complaints, including sports injuries. Because of this experience and through intensive testing of our products, we have been able to make a selection of the best, most safe and most effective braces, insoles and other aids. Avoid overuse and damage to muscles, ligaments and joints with our products.

Our braces and support products help you with recovery and rehabilitation after injury

Our products can help to promote healing, in sports as well as daily life. Recovering from an injury is promoted with the right brace. We employ specialised physiotherapists that can advise you which brace is the best for your complaints. We have divided the braces into different levels of protection, which will ensure you of making the right choice. Would you like more information about which brace is best for you? Contact us, we are more than happy and willing to advise you!

All our products have been carefully selected!

All our braces and products have been carefully selected from a wide range of offers, and over the years, they have been thoroughly tested by many (professional) athletes and our physiotherapists, manual therapists and (sports) podiatrists. And thanks to this expertise, knowledge and years of experience, we can confirm the high quality and effect of all our braces and other medical products. So do not wait any longer and experience the difference, our team is always ready, and more than willing to help you! Order your brace / support, compression socks, kinesiology tape, heel spur, hallux valgus or rheumatism aids via Podobrace today!

Experience the difference with our wide range of products, ensuring you of the right support!