Resistance Bands

What are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are elastic straps, also called fitness elastics, which are mostly used for weight training, but they are also used by physiotherapists for recovery purposes. The resistance bands are then used to slowly build up the strength of the patient after having sustained injuries.

Resistance Band exercises

In addition to the use of resistance bands during rehabilitation processes, the resistance bands are mostly known and used in fitness. This is mainly because the elastics allow you to do many different exercises within the fitness spectrum. They are best used for:

Which Resistance Band do I need?

A resistance band is available for many different purposes. For weight training or stability exercises, for example. Each colour has its own quality. This would mean that every training would require you to buy a different band. We came up with a solution for this problem. Every resistance band has been bundled in the Gladiator Sports Resistance Bands Bundle.