Thermal Clothing

What is thermal sportswear?

Thermal clothing is worn under normal and under sportswear. It is made to retain body heat well during exercise. So thermal sportswear does not heat up on its own, you really need to get moving for it. Also, the clothing consists of moisture-wicking fabric that breathes and wicks away sweat. This keeps your skin feeling dry at all times.

What types are there?

Podobrace has a very wide range of thermal sports clothing for all kinds of sports and uses. Our range includes elbow pads, compression shorts, shirts and goalkeeper shorts. Compression shorts come in short and long versions. Not only are they nice because they offer warmth during exercise, but the compression improves blood flow and makes muscles recover faster. This prevents injuries in the legs.

When do you wear thermal sportswear?

As mentioned earlier, wearing thermal sportswear is nice to wear during cold weather conditions. Nevertheless, wearing thermal sportswear is also nice for the rest of the year. During hot weather conditions, it will actually cool you down! Thermal clothing should be worn directly on the skin and is therefore worn underclothing. Over that, you can put on several layers for extra warmth and insulation.

Want to buy thermal sportswear?

Have you been able to choose from our extensive range? We can well imagine that you would like more information about our different types of sportswear and how exactly to use them. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Our customer service team consists of highly knowledgeable medical specialists.