Orthopedic Pillows

What is an orthopedic pillow?

An orthopedic pillow is a pillow that's shaped different from a normal pillow. This different shape ensures that your neck and head are positioned in a straight line with the rest of your spine when you're going to sleep. This will ensure you have a healthy sleeping posture and prevents you from sustaining neck complaints.

What is it made of?

An orthopedic pillow is made of memory foam. When you press this material, it slowly returns to its original position. When the memory foam comes into contact with body heat, it becomes softer. As a result, the head gently sinks into the pillow in the correct sleeping position and you can sleep comfortably.

Which orthopedic pillow is best for me?

On every product page, you will find an extensive explanation about the complaints and the suitable pillow. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to help you.