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Compression Socks

The following compression socks have been an understanding in the sports and medical world for years and many therapists consider our assortment to be the absolute best when it comes to compression socks and stockings 


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How do Compression Socks and Stockings work?

The effect of compression socks and stockings have been both scientifically and medically proven. Compression socks and stockings help to optimalise the bloodflow by accelerating the metabolic waste disposal. Compression stockings are effective for calf complaints, muscle strains, shin splints and achilles tendon problems. The compression socks reduce shock impact, causing muscle damage to be prevented. 


Recordkeeper Haile Gebreselassie also uses compression socks

Compression socks are highly recommended by our Medical Team. Millions of international (professional) athletes, among who, worldrecord keeper Haile Gebreselassie have been using the (sports) compression socks with great success for years.  

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