Compression Socks

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The following compression socks have been an understanding in the sports and medical world for years, and many therapists consider our assortment to be the absolute best when it comes to compression socks and stockings.

I want to buy compression socks, but which one do I need? When is it best to wear them? Can I reimburse my compression socks? These are the most common questions people ask before wearing and/or buying compression stockings. To help make your choice easier, Podobrace's therapists have been carefully selected from a wide range of offers and have extensively tested them with (professionals) runners and people of old age. This is why we, at Podobrace, have only the very best compression socks for sale, from the top-selling brands such as Bauerfeind, Novamed, Gladiator and Herzog. Most people buy compression socks to help improve the blood circulation, after having sustained injuries to the Achilles tendon or to help prevent complaints and injuries from occurring. Compression socks also offer a solution for the following disorders:

How do compression socks work?

The effect of compression socks and stockings have been both scientifically and medically proven. Compression socks and stockings help to optimize the blood flow by accelerating the metabolic waste disposal. Compression stockings are effective for calf complaints, muscle strains, shin splints and Achilles tendon problems. The compression socks reduce shock impact, causing muscle damage to be prevented.

Record keeper Haile Gebreselassie also uses compression socks

Compression socks are highly recommended by our Medical Team. Millions of international (professional) athletes, among whom, world record keeper Haile Gebreselassie have been using the sports compression socks with great success for years.

When do I wear a compression socks for running?

Our compression stockings offer you optimal support and effectively relieve your complaints. There are no rules for wearing a compression stocking. Compression stockings have many advantages for various injuries. Especially shin splints, muscle cramps, Achilles tendon complaints and blood flow complaints.

Some runners like to wear the stockings to improve blood circulation in their calf and lower leg muscles. Others wear the compression stockings to keep their feet warm. But it is certainly a fact that the compression stockings must be worn correctly. Feeling pressure on your muscles is a good sign. It is also good to wear compression stockings after running. This makes the muscle pain less severe after running.

Can I wear compression socks during daily activities?

When you're experiencing pain in your feet, ankles, calfs or shins, we can recommend you to wear compression socks. But they can also be worn perfectly when you have to work in the same, mostly standing position. This can cause a lot of pain in mainly your calfs. Wearing compression socks can help you get rid of these complaints.

Can I wear compression stockings during my pregnancy?

Compression stockings are also recommended for pregnant women. While pregnant, you can get a lot of pain complaints in your legs. Mainly thicker ankles, swollen and tired legs and varicose veins are the most common complaints. When you're wearing a compression stocking, you will give your legs a pleasant and comfortable sense of support.

Which are best for me?

Several answers are possible to this question. When you want to wear them while running, we can best recommend the Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings or the Herzog Sports Compression Stockings. If you want to wear them the whole day long, we can best recommend the Novamed Compression Stockings.