Hand Support

A hand support for Osteoarthritis

The most common complaint for the hand has to be Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a form of rheumatism that involves the entire joint. The cartilage in your hand is affected rapidly by Osteoarthritis. Because cartilage doesn't contain any nerves, you will experience complaints in your entire hand, not just a part of it. This is often felt all the way down to the wrist. Osteoarthritis is a disorder which can no longer be cured. But to ease the pain, we can definitely recommend wearing a hand brace. Wearing a hand brace will offer you support while you perform your daily activities like work and sports and so on.

Other hand related disorders

In the hand joint, many disorders can occur. These complaints are very annoying when performing your daily activities. If you have to move and lift frequently for your work, wearing a hand brace can be the perfect solution. The hand splint ensures that your wrist will receive support. If you lift a lot of heavy stuff, most of the weight and pressure is put on the wrist. It might very well be that other disorders are causing pain in your hand. These are some of the other most common disorders:

Which hand brace do I need?

Depending on your symptoms, the right brace can be determined. In many cases, the complaint originates in the thumb or wrist, which can then be felt throughout the hand. This is why a thumb support or wrist support can also provide support for complaints in your hands. Feel free to contact us for suitable advice.

Want to buy a hand support?

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