Ankle Sleeve

Common situations for wearing an ankle sleeve

Will you benefit from using an ankle sleeve

These last couple of years ankle supports have been so heavily developed that pretty much every ankle disorder can be relieved if not cured from wearing an ankle sleeves. Whether you wear an ankle sleeve, bandage or sleeve during rehabilitation or for severe ankle complaints and disorders, they will either way have a positive effect for recovery and reduction of ankle pains. Due to their ergonomic shape they are considered to be a valuable asset when it comes to preventing ankle injuries such as torn ligaments and ankle sprains.

Using an ankle sleeve

Has your doctor or physiotherapist recommend you to wear an ankle sleeve? Please follow their instructions and read the manual. It is always important that you buy the right size for yourself!

After surgery it is of utter importance that you put your ankle sleeve on safely and slowly. Still have questions about the use of an ankle support? Don't hesitate to contact us, our team is ready and willing to help you!

Do note that a wrongful fitting ankle brace or bandage which fits too tightly or too loose will only give you more complaints. Buying an ankle support which looks cheap and has little description about the use, is something we strongly advise against. Always buy a durable and high-quality ankle sleeve.