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In our triathlon shop, we have selected only the very best products. Indeed, the Sports Compression Socks from Ironman and Herzog provide the nopdig pressure and feature a decreasing pressure gradient from ankle to knee. This ensures that blood flow from the capillary network towards the heart is maximised. As a result, waste products from the combustion process are removed faster, which is of optimal importance in triathlon. In our triathlon shop, we therefore have, among other things, the best sports compression kits and they offer you:

The compression socks have been used for years by many well-known athletes who also run the triathlon and duathlon. Millions of international (Top) athletes and (Top) athletes, including marathon world record holder Haile Gebreselassie, have been wearing the sports compression stockings for years with great success. Podobrace's triathlon shop has therefore selected the very best products for a triathlon, duathlon and training.

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