Wrist Support / Wrist Splint

Wrist complaints

Wrist pain and other complaints in the wrists are very common. This is because the wrist is one of the most used joints of your body, for example, when lifting. People who work in an office also often experience a lot of pain in the wrist due to typing and writing a lot. For this reason, we have selected several thumb and wrist braces that will offer you the best possible support. This will allow you to execute your activities without being obstructed and therefore experiencing complaints. Below you'll find the most common complaints listed. This will ensure that you will pick the right wrist support for your complaints. Suffering from other complaints than the ones mentioned below? Please go through our assortment, we have many other wrist braces in our assortment for a wide variety of complaints.

Moving your wrist while wearing a wrist support

The good thing about a wrist splint, is that it can be worn during pretty much every activity. As we mentioned before, a lot of complaints can arise during your work, so wearing a wrist splint while working is always a good decision. You can also wear a wrist support during many other activities. Think of cycling or tennis, for example.

Only wear a wrist support while experiencing complaints

So in short, you can wear a brace at any given moment of the day. But in order to get the best possible results, we always advise our patients to only wear the brace when actually experiencing complaints. So, if you're not experiencing complaints after you are done working, you are not supposed to wear the brace at that moment. This will allow the brace to get the best possible effect.

Wrist bandage or support?

A lot of people think that a wrist bandage and a wrist support are the same thing. This is not the truth. A wrist bandage is often made from different materials and only offers support for minor wrist complaints and disorders. This will feel like a strap around your wrist. A wrist support on the other hand, is made of stronger material and feels harder and more stiff, making it better to wear when suffering from heavier wrist disorders.

Want to buy a wrist support?

Did you manage to find a wrist support to your liking? Then order it easily in our webshop. At the bottom of the product page, you'll find a size chart which will help you determine the right size very easy. Some braces are one size fits all, which means you don't have to take your measurements. In addition, some wrist supports are available for both left and right. Always double check your order to see if you ordered the right side. Still feel the need for additional information before purchasing one of our braces? Feel free to contact us via mail, chat or by phone on the following number 085-4898445 We will be more than happy to give you advice.