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Elbow Support

In need of an elbow support to reduce pain and complaints? If so, then Podobrace is the best address for you. We are specialists in elbow supports, because our therapists are always ready to help you with your questions. This will always ensure you of the best advice and the correct support. Which brace do you need? And how do you wear an elbow support? These are just examples of the many questions people have before they buy a brace. Read on and we will explain everything to you. 

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For your convenience we use 3 protection levels, so you can quickly see which brace you need:


Level 1: Is colored green   -- Basic protection.

Level 2: Is colored orange -- Advanced protection.

Level 3: Is colored red  -- Highest protection level.

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What is an elbow support?

A brace for your elbow will help reduce complaints and pain. The most common complaints are a tennis elbow or overuse related complaints. Wearing an elbow support, will exert moderate pressure on the elbow joint which will eventually help to reduce complaints.

How do I apply an elbow support?

  • Begin by making a fist
  • Put the brace on around the painful area
  • Then tighten the strap untill you feel a comfortable form of pressure
  • If you followed these steps, the brace has been applied correctly
  • Note: Only wear the brace during efforts (sports and work etc.)

For the other braces in our assortment its just a matter of sliding the elbow support around the arm.

Which size do I need?

Choosing the size of your elbow support is very easy. In every product description, you'll find a sizechart which helps you determine the correct size. 

Complaints in the elbow joint

For all the other complaints we also have a wide range of braces in our assortment. Prefer additional information regarding your complaint or need extra help in choosing the right elbow support? Feel free to contact us via chat, mail or by phone on the following number: +31(0)85-4898445. Our team is always ready and more than willing to answer your questions. 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fractured elbow
  • Golfer's elbow 
  • Overstretched elbow
  • Tendinitis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Bursitis
  • Swelling

An elbow support which is suitable for work and sports

Pain in your elbow can arise at any moment of the day. Mostly during playing sports or working. This is why one of the most asked questions we get is if an elbow brace can be worn during those activities. The answer is: Yes. An elbow support can be worn perfectly during several activities to help ease the pain. An example of an elbow support which can be worn perfectly during activities is the Medidu Elbow Support. We do advise you to only wear the brace when you're actually experiencing pain. If you're not experiencing anything, it is best not to wear the brace. This will always ensure you of the best effect. 


Want to order an elbow support?

Are you bothered by an overused elbow? Or suffering from a dislocated elbow? Or one of the many other complaints that are common for the elbow joint? Then wait no longer and order one of our braces. All our braces have been extensively tested before being taken into our assortment. You can easily order and pay using different payment methods on our webshop. We have a 14-day try out period. So if the product doesn't suit your wishes, you can always return it and get your money refunded. Prefer additional advice from one of our specialists before buying your brace? Feel free to contact us, our team is always ready and more than willing to help you. 

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