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Inguinal Hernia Belt

Are you suffering from an Inguinal Hernia? And are you looking for an inguinal hernia belt to treat it? If so, then Podobrace is the right address for you. In our assortment you'll find a wide selection of inguinal hernia belts that help with the treatment of an inguinal hernia. We have single-sided and double-sided inguinal hernia belts for sale. Prefer additional information? Feel free to read on, we're happy to explain it to you. 

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What exactly is an inguinal hernia?

An inguinal hernia is a weak spot in the wall of the abdomen. This allows the peritoneum, belly fat or the intestines to bulge out. When someone lifts or presses, the swelling can bulge outward. This can be either on the left or right side of your groin, but it can also happen on both sides at the same time. This varies per case.

What's the difference between single and double-sided inguinal hernia belts?

Because an inguinal hernia can occur on one side or on both sides, there are different belts for these hernias. You have the single-sided inguinal hernia belt and the double-sided hernia belt. As the name says, a single-sided inguinal hernia belt will only help you if you're experiencing pain on either the left or the right side. You can choose which side you want when you place your order. The double-sided helps you when you're experiencing complaints on both the left and the right side.

Can I reimburse my inguinal hernia belt?

In many cases, an inguinal hernia belt might be reimbursed by your insurance company. However, we can not say this for certain. It is very important for you to check your policy for reimbursement of medical equipment such as braces and other support products. If you are insured, you can reimburse the purchase amount from your insurance company.

Ordering your inguinal hernia belt

Manage to find the right inguinal hernia belt? Then easily order it on our webshop. In need of a single-sided inguinal hernia belt? Then don't forget to choose sides before you place your order. All our products can be tried out for 14 days. If the belt doesn't give the desired effect, you can always return it to us, free of charge. Still feel the need for additional information? Then feel free to contact us without any obligations via mail, chat or by phone on the following number: +31(0)85-4898445. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you. 

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