Cooling Clothes

What is cooling clothing?

Cooling clothing is what the name says, the clothing has a cooling effect when you wear it. Cooling clothing is worn where you suffer most from the heat. There are cooling clothes for almost every body part, such as cooling shirts, cooling bandanas, cooling scarves and cooling vests.

Why use cooling clothing?

When you are at work during extreme heat, the result is that you start slacking off. The production rate is slower, you will not feel completely fit either. Cooling clothing will make sure that you suffer less from the heat, that the production rate remains high, and that you do not suffer from heat stress.

Cold drinks, ice creams or sunscreen will do nothing for the heat when you are in the full sun. At most, it will offer you cooling for an occasional moment, but long-term cooling in the heat can only be achieved with cooling clothing.

Among other things, wearing cooling clothing will ensure:

While exercising in the heat, wearing cooling clothing is ideal for getting better results. By cooling the body during exercise, you will be more fit, have better reaction time and more energy. This will help you score that extra point or run that extra few kilometres.

At work

In many workplaces, people are exposed to the full sun. People working on construction sites, for example, are constantly exposed to full UV rays and heat. This causes the body temperature to rise, this is also known as heat stress. This can eventually result in heat illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion or heat rash. This is also known as heat stress. Wearing cooling clothing such as a cooling vest, among others, is an effective solution to prevent heat stress.

Wearing cooling clothing at work provides more energy while working, better concentration and higher reaction time. This makes for a better working experience for yourself, as well as for your employees.

Want to buy cooling clothing?

Have you made your choice and want to buy cooling clothing? You can do so easily in our webshop. On the page of the desired clothing, you will find a size chart. This will tell you exactly which clothing is right for you.