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Looking for crutches because you broke your leg? At Podobrace, you'll find different crutches that will also support you when suffering from other disorders. Do you want more information about elbow crutches? Feel free to read on, we're more than happy to explain it to you. 

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What exactly is an elbow crutch?

An elbow crutch is a walking aid. Using an elbow crutch will help keep you balanced and reduce the chance of falling.

What are crutch pads?

A crutch cap is the rubber cap that's attached to the bottom of the crutch. This cap ensures additional protection, grip and support. The rubber also ensures that you will be able to walk on a tiled floor much safer. In most cases, the floor in a supermarket is a tiled floor. The crutch caps will allow you to walk and move much safer, keeping you free to move around as much as you like, where you like. You can also keep walking short distances to ensure you will remain mobile. In short, a crutch will help you to stay mobile in many different ways while experiencing many different complaints.

Different sorts of crutches

There are two types of elbow crutches. You have the elbow crutches with an open cuff and elbow crutches with a closed cuff. With an open cuff, the part that goes around the lower arm is open and with a closed cuff that part is closed. 


Walking with 1 crutch or 2 crutches

Walking with 1 or 2 crutches makes a huge difference. In order to maintain your balance in the best way, we will explain how to walk with 1 or 2 crutches.


2 crutches

In order to walk as safe as possible while using your crutches, it is very important that you practice this before you start. Preferably with someone near you that can assist you or catch you if you should lose your balance. If you want to walk with 2 crutches, you place the crutches forward simultaneously, you then let the unstable leg swing after you, then you place the stable leg in between the crutches and repeat this movement. This will allow you to walk on. 


1 crutch

Planning on walking with one crutch? If so, then it's very important to wear the crutch on the side to which you aren't experiencing any complaints. When you make a step, you move the unstable leg and the crutch forward simultaneously. This will keep you balanced while stepping forward, because you can place your weight on the stable leg. 

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