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Neck Brace

In need of a neck brace? If so, then Podobrace is the best address for you. In our assortment, you'll find a wide selection of neck brace that offer support to your neck. A neck brace is often worn by people who are suffering from a whiplash. Wearing a brace is the best solution to recover from your complaints. Prefer additional information about neck braces and other complaints? Read on and we'll explain it to you.

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How to put neck brace on?

You can easily put a neck brace around your neck. A neck brace is a whole that you can attach with the velcro that is attached at the back. This keeps the neck brace in place.

Can a neck brace be worn when sleeping?

Wearing a neck brace when sleeping is something we advise against. If you feel the need for additional support for your neck when sleeping, we advise you to sleep with a good pillow. Take the Novamed Pillow for example. Due to the foam that's processed in the pillow, the pillow will shape itself to your head. This will support the cervical vertebrae, giving the neck the rest and support it needs. This is why, the pillow will function as a neck brace for the night.

When can I best wear a neck brace?

So as we said before, it is best to wear the neck brace during the day. In addition, we advise to only wear the brace when you're actually experiencing pain complaints. For example, during work or household activities. When you're not experiencing complaints, it is best not to wear the brace. In order to recover from your neck complaints, it is very important that you train the neck to function on its own again without wearing a neck brace.

Various neck complaints

Pain complaints in your neck can arise in many different ways. Neck complaints often obstruct you in your daily activities, which is very annoying. For this reason, our therapists have selected an assortment of neck braces that will offer you support, and in many cases even make complaints disappear. The most common complaints are mentioned below. Making sure you choose the right neck brace for your complaints.

Want to buy a neck brace?

Manage to find a brace to your liking? If so, then you can easily order it in our webshop. At the bottom of every product page is a size chart. This gives you information about which size you need to choose. All you have to do then, is place the neck brace in your shopping cart, fill in your data and you're done. Prefer additional information or personal advice? Feel free to contact us via email, chat or by phone: +31(0)85-4898445.

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