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Back Support

Wearing a back support can help you when you’re dealing with many different complaints in your back or lower back. Very often, these complaints arise due to overuse caused by heavy physical professions. When it comes up to the less heavy professions, a wrongful sitting posture can also cause back pains. To provide you with the best possible service, our therapists have selected different back braces that help best with your complaints. For example, if you’re suffering from lower back pains we can advise you the Medidu back support with busks. Feel free to ask additional information about our back supports, we’re happy to help you.

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For your convenience we use 3 protection levels, so you can quickly see which brace you need:


Level 1: Is colored green   -- Basic protection.

Level 2: Is colored orange -- Advanced protection.

Level 3: Is colored red  -- Highest protection level.

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How long do I have to wear the back support?

That differs from person to person. Because everyone’s body reacts differently, one will experience quicker pain relief than the other. This is why our therapists always recommend that you only wear the back brace when you’re actually experiencing pain. So for example, if you’re experiencing pain during your work, you should only wear the brace during work. If your pains decrease after work, we advise you not to wear the brace after work.

Can I reimburse my back support?

The brace can be reimbursed by some insurance companies, this does, however, depend on the policy you have taken out. To be sure whether the brace will be reimbursed, it is best to contact your health care provider.

What are the effects of wearing a back support?

A back brace supports your back and serves as prevention for or treatment of back pains. Because wearing a back brace will improve your posture it will also offer support to your back. Back braces are also worn when experiencing tension in your muscles or when experiencing lower back pains.

Most common back complaints

Back disorders can arise in all types of professions. Because there are so many different types of back pains, everyone experiences them differently. And for pretty much every back complaint, a different brace is available. In order to ensure you will get the best suitable brace for your complaints, we have listed the most common back complaints for you below:

Want to buy a back support?

Want to buy a Back Support? Then Podobrace is your best choice. We have a team of specialists ready and waiting for you to contact them. They can give you the best advice about which brace is best for you and your complaints. After which, you can order the back brace easily on our webshop. If you order before 10:59 PM, your order will be shipped the same day. At Podobrace, we have a 14-day try-out period. So if the product doesn’t suit your wishes or lives up to your expectations you can always return the product free of charge.

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