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Insoles are often custom made by Podiatrists, which results in the insoles costing a minimum of £160,- per pair. In many cases, this is unnecessary. This is why, from a wide assortment of insoles, our podiatrists selected only the best insoles. This is why you'll find the insoles that came out as best in our test, below. These insoles are considered the best insoles for a wide range of disorders, such as Flat Feet, Hollow Feet, Neutral and Collapsed Feet.

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Only the best and most effective insoles out right now.

At Podobrace, we have only the best (sport)insoles and orthotics out right now for sale. Top ranking brands such as MySole, Bauerfeind and Solelution are all part of our assortment. 


Insoles and orthotics have been developed mainly for people with a deviating foot position or other foot related disorders. Think of hollow feet (Pes Cavus) or flat feet (Pes Planus), but they are also often used to help with other physical complaints such as knee, heel/achilles, hip and/or back pain. These complaints can be caused by a deviating foot stance. Wearing an insole, orthotics or heel lift sold by Podobrace can benefit you in the following ways:

  • When suffering from a collapsed foot, the position of the feet is corrected and there is better pressure distribution.
  • Due to the special sports insoles, the tension on the muscles is reduced, making exercising more pleasant.
  • Leg length discrepancy (maximum of 1 cm) can be solved by wearing a heel lift.
  • When suffering from flat feet, the foot arch and the ankle are supported, causing the foot to get less tired.
  • Plantar Fasciitis or heel pain is relieved by wearing special insoles.
  • When suffering from hollow feet (Pes Cavus), the insoles will cause optimal pressure distribution and stability while walking.

Our insoles have been tested by professional athletes and used with great success for years.


Our Podopostural practices have been specialized for over 30 years to cure, prevent and/or relieve neck, back, knee and other posture related complaints. How? By selecting and using the best, most efficient and most effective insoles out at that moment. Our assortment of (sports)insoles have been carefully selected from a wide range of offers. Our offer of (sports)insoles have been an understanding in the sports and medical branche for years. 


All our (sports)insoles have been tested extensively by many (professional) athletes, our specialists and patients in our practices. And with over 30 years of experience and knowledge from many different medical perspectives, we can guarantee the positive effect of all our (sports)insoles. 

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