Only the best insoles out right now.

At Podobrace, we have only the best insoles and orthotics out right now for sale. Top ranking brands such as MySole, Bauerfeind and Solelution are all part of our assortment. Insoles and orthotics have been developed mainly for people with a deviating foot position or other foot related disorders. Think of hollow feet (Pes Cavus) or flat feet (Pes Planus), but they are also often used to help with other physical complaints such as knee, heel/achilles, hip and/or back pain. These complaints can be caused by a deviating foot stance.

Some reasons for using shoe inserts

Our insoles have been tested by professional athletes and used with great success for years.

Our Podopostural practices have been specialized for over 30 years to cure, prevent and/or relieve neck, back, knee and other posture related complaints. How? By selecting and using the best, most efficient and most effective insoles out at that moment. Our assortment of insoles have been carefully selected from a wide range of offers. Our products have been an understanding in the sports and medical branch for years. All our foot insoles have been tested extensively by many (professional) athletes, our specialists and patients in our practices. And with over 30 years of experience and knowledge from many different medical perspectives, we can guarantee the positive effect of all our products.

How do insoles work?

The way insoles work is as follows. Every insole has unique features when it comes to shape and material. The shape and material ensure that the feet are supported in the correct way when suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, for example.

How much do insoles change shoe size?

All insoles from our assortment are available in many different sizes. This will always ensure that you have the proper size and that you do not have to adjust your shoe size and buy bigger shoes.

How often should insoles be replaced?

Basically, our insoles will last you 1 year before they lose cushioning. Most people replace their insoles when they buy new shoes. This is often after 6 to 12 months.