Compression Tops

Compression shirts for any sport or for support

Like compression socks, compression shirts are being worn more and more. A compression shirt helps wick away sweat and provides support, improving your posture. Playing sports becomes a more pleasant experience due to better blood circulation. Muscles twitch less due to the tight compression. Compression clothing cools and the shirts are nice and light!

Wear a compression shirt and prevent injuries

You can actually use the tight shirt for all sports (except swimming, but a skinsuit has a similar effect). Think of running, cycling, canoeing, fitness, rollerblading, tennis, football, skating, etc. In all these sports, you will benefit if there are less muscle vibrations in your upper body and moisture is drained properly and quickly. There are also fewer vibrations, and such a shirt provides extra stability for the muscles and helps prevent possible injuries. In short, such a tight shirt contributes to better training and competition sports and subsequently faster recovery.

What is the use of a compression shirt?

A compression shirt does much more than just keep the body dry during exercise. The following is a summary:

Keep you warm in cold weather and works cooling and in hot weather
Limits muscle vibration, thus reducing the risk of injury
Promotes blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the muscles
Visibly improves posture and stance
Provides compression to your abdomen, back, upper arm and shoulders

How do compression shirts work?

A compression shirt provides optimal moisture drainage, which ensures you stay dry during exercise. The shirts also ensure that more oxygen is transported to the muscles, reducing muscle acidification. During exercise, a compression shirt improves blood flow in the right places. This reduces the risk of muscle acidification.

What types of compression shirts are there?

Compression shirts come in different designs and types. There are shirts for men and women. They are available in different colours and with long and short sleeves. They are also available in a package consisting of trousers and shirt together. They are available in both black and white. Most compression shirts can be used for almost all sports. But we also have compression shirts in the range, especially for goalkeepers. This shirt offers maximum protection through padding on the elbow, shoulders and vital areas.

What is the best way to put on a compression shirt?

A compression shirt is so tight around the body that putting it on (especially for the first time) can cause some problems. The following tips will make this a lot easier.

In short; wearing a compression shirt while exercising is highly recommended. It has only advantages; disadvantages cannot be found.

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