A McDavid brace will certainly help you with your complaint

McDavid has been one of the best brace providers worldwide for years. McDavid braces are therefore very comfortable to wear and will offer maximum protection in all sports! Moreover, a McDavid brace has a very good price / quality ratio, which is why the braces are used by many top athletes. McDavid is therefore very popular in all sports!

McDavid unique and revolutionary with Hex Technology and HdC technology!

McDavid set the standard with protective clothing and developed the Hex ™ technology. This patented technology consists of superior closed cell foam filling and is uniquely combined with our high-quality hDc ™ Moisture Management fabric, which is incorporated in all McDavid clothing, the McDavid brace and clothing gives every athlete, in every sport or contact sport, an unprecedented and lasting advantage. in protection, durability and confidence. Countless professional and amateur athletes choose McDavid Hex ™ technology every day.

Because when you train, you want to be and stay hydrated, as an athlete you want to stay warm, but at the same time keep cool and not too sweaty. McDavid's hDc ™ technology the most effective moisture-wicking fabric on the brace and sports market today! hDc ™ draws sweat from the skin and breaks it down for quick evaporation. This works equally well when you train in warmer conditions, you keep a cool and dry feeling, while in colder conditions - you stay warmer.

McDavid knee braces are the best of their kind. With the McDavid ps II hinge knee brace and the 429X as showpiece!

McDavid only has the very best knee braces, ankle braces, back braces! The best braces of this McDavid are without a doubt the McDavid ps II hinge knee brace and the McDavid 429X, these two knee braces have been used with great success for years and in all sports and will provide the knee with maximum support and protection during sports ! The ps ii knee brace and the McDavid 429X are among the best knee braces of the moment worldwide!