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Thumb Support

A thumb support gives you support when you're experiencing complaints in the thumb joint. This can be when you're suffering from RSI in your thumb, Osteoarthritis or a sprained thumb. All our braces have been selected by our specialists. This allows us to offer the right brace for every complaint. Prefer additional information? We're happy to explain.

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What's the effect of wearing a thumb support?

A thumb support will give you support when you're experiencing pain in the thumb joint. By wearing a thumb support, the thumb joint will be prevented from making certain movements. This will give the joint rest, causing it to recover from complaints in due time.

Can a thumb support get wet?

The thumb splint or thumb support, may never get wet. It can ofcourse be washed by hand very shortly. But we never advise to go swimming or showering with the brace.

How long am I supposed to wear a thumb support?

How long one has to wear a thumb support depends on their complaints. Because every body is unique, one will be rid of its complaints sooner than someone else. In some cases, complaints are permanent. Think of Osteoarthritis. Specialists always advise to only wear the thumb brace when you're actually experiencing complaints. So if you're, for example, experiencing complaints during work or household activities, you only wear the brace during these moments.

Most common thumb complaints

A lot of complaints can occur in the thumb joint. Not every thumb support helps for every thumb complaint. For example, the Novamed Manu Thumb Support is best for people who suffer from overstretching. And for other complaints, it is best to choose a different brace. In order to help you pick the best possible brace, we made a list of the most common complaints. This will ensure you that you choose the right brace for your complaint.

Want to buy a thumb brace?

Interested in buying a thumb brace, but still feel the need for additional information? Feel free to contact us. Our specialists are ready and willing to help you. You can always order easily on our webshop. And if you're still not satisfied, you can always return the brace within the 14-day try-out period.

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