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Clavicle Support

A clavicle support from Podobrace has been selected with the most extensive care. After extensive searching and testing of many clavicle braces from different suppliers and manufacturers at home, and abroad, these are the ones we have chosen to sell on our website.


The clavicle supports we have to offer have been tested as best by our patients and have been used with great success for years. These clavicle braces not only meet our medical team's highest quality demands, but are also considered as the best in their category by many leading therapists.

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Our clavicle supports have been used with great success for years! 

The clavicle supports shown above are very popular and have been used with great success for years. Our clavicle braces have been extensively tested by (professional) athletes and our patients in our practices. And with over 30 years of experience we can guarantee the optimal quality and effect of our braces.

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