Knee Bandage

What's a knee bandage?

A knee bandage is a sort of strap that helps support the knee. You can put the brace on as if you were putting on pants, then you place it around the knee joint. In most cases, it falls into place right away. In other cases, you have to pull it tighter and secure it with Velcro straps. Another commonly used word for a knee bandage, is an elastic patella strap. This is because the elasticity makes it fit tight immediately.

What's the function of a knee bandage?

A knee bandage will ensure that your knee will be limited from making certain movements. This will help the knee to recover quicker than usual.

When am I supposed to wear a knee bandage?

We always advise to wear the knee bandage only when you're actually experiencing complaints. Complaints can occur while working or exercising. For the best results, it is recommended to wear the knee bandage only in these moments. This will allow the knee to recover and regain strength on its own.

What's the difference between a knee bandage and a knee support?

A knee support is often made of more sturdy material. This means that the knee joint is more restricted from making certain movements. This is very important for people that are suffering from severe knee disorders. A knee bandage on the other hand, is made of softer material, which makes you more flexible than you would be wearing a knee support. This is why you should only wear a knee bandage when suffering from minor to moderately heavy knee disorders.